Who are Margin Signals

Margin Signals was started by 2 Aussie blokes (Robbo and Alex) who discovered the benefits of leveraging trades through fundamental technical analysis, rather than the standard scalping that is common in the leverage industry.

The partnership arose from the signal channel they both subscribed to (Alpo Signals) to which they were both admins, Rob was one of the Signals callers, Alex was the community and chat admin.

Seeing a need and an opportunity to offer leveraged signals, they both decided to create Margin Signals, which was established Early April 2018.

The aim of this channel was not just to be your standard Signal group, Rob has a passion for trading, has made it his full-time job, and is reliant on the fundamentals and core of portfolio and trade management, Alex who was a little bit of a cowboy, learnt a lot from Rob and could see that what Rob was doing was working.

Being Rob’s first customer, Alex saw a need to share this with others and is passionate about spreading the word and taking others under the Margin Signals wing, to learn how to grow portfolios the right way.

Currently, the Margin signals admins work in Perth and Sydney (Rob is in Perth, Alex in Sydney). Timeframes for Signals and trades range in the 10am – 10pm time AEST Monday to Friday, and sometimes through the weekend.

Margin signals will endeavour to grow and build membership the right way and have rules around having enough admins with the knowhow and knowledge that Rob preaches to help all members. We will make sure that we have 1 admin in chat for every 150 members and will look to recruit more as we grow.

Most of our signals are predominately aimed at Bitmex with the odd call on Binance or smaller exchanges for mid-long term holds, but we will plan to open our sights to Bitfinex and Foreign Exchange in the future.


Robbo - Co-Founder

Rob is the brains behind the amazing signals that come out of our channel, he also preaches wealth and experience from his years of FOREX trading and has the best practices and understanding of the market that a rare few have been able to match.

You will find rob always looking out for the members best interests, whether it be stopping them from taking that short gamble on the BTC harsh drop, or telling members to take profit with an almost robotic like precision on a pull back.


Rob’s Favourites:

Favourite Song : Anything by Kings of Leon

Favourite Sport : Football (the on that real men play… AFL)

Favourite Colour : Silver

Fun Fact : Rob worked as a qualified electrician for 16 years before taking up trading full time


Alex (CapFive) - Co-Founder

Alex is an IT wiz and a tech head to boot. If it has a battery and is connected to the internet, you can rest assure he would’ve used and can show you how to as well. Only being new to the crypto space starting in early 2017 what he lacks in Target Analysis, he makes up for with industry awareness, leadership & team building skills, and an innate ability turn any frown upside down.

He is the chat and community admin, and also the wiz behind a lot of the tools that our VIPs enjoy, as well as doing all our marketing in his spare time.


Alex’s Favourites:

Favourite Song : Daft Punk – Around The World

Favourite Sport : Football (real football not the kind played with your hands…)

Favourite Colour : Blue

Fun Fact : Alex has a 2nd DAN (2nd degree Black Belt) in taekwondo